Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Some tips on data collection

The face of research subjects or their number of ideas, we all want confirmation or a proof, which requires us to have rapid, timely and accurate grasp of information (doucument) and information (information) and information (intelligence) capabilities. Sometimes, its very confusing, often lost in the pile of information, the network, there seems to be no end of information, the so wanted to find a method of data collection, hoping to find what you want, mastery of knowledge, rather than letting it control I. The following ways and means I have recently considered, and now take the liberty of mention, we may as well explore the study.

1, the network search algorithm.

1) search engine method. Network Well, of course, the first use of network ah, so you can search engines is essential. Such a thing to check, you can google type in search terms, and then through a number of screening, may allow you to quickly understand and find what you want, or can not necessarily inspires you ah!

2) Core site
Daily access to the Internet, it should form for their own professional direction the core site, with these sites, you can often look to maintain their own knowledge and information sensitivity. For example, a number of professional organizations or government professional organizations, civil society website, Guoyan Wang (, Economic Information Network (, etc. .

2, the traditional resource discovery
I think the network's early look, basic access to the subject of general knowledge, then a very important and very effective way to be from the traditional books, journals and other resources to start, for orientation and will issue a query. Orientation is to find a particular type of topic it belongs to the core journals, core journals from the article, you can find new research directions and the extent of the trade; SDI is the refinement of the search, you can find articles relating to the topics , has a strong reference, reference of the literature.

It also can author, cited those and other aspects of search and reverse lookup.

3, research
If you have been a pre-data collection and analysis, it is best to practice to the next step to investigate what will be the subject of what the actual situation, data, news, development trend, etc. These and the fact that the information closest to Any other method is not available.

4, the daily accumulation of
On the information sensitivity of the culture, should be a cumulative process, in order to achieve this objective, we have in everyday work, study and life, develop on the data sorting, and the absorption of good practice. Good media is that we absorb nutrients hotbeds, such as TV: cctv in the "dialogue", "economic and a half hours", etc., flat: "21st Century Business Herald", "Economic Observer", "financial" and so on.

5, the use of extraordinary measures
Information and data collection time, and some are not using the means of retrieval can be achieved, but through some sense, not part of the information obtained by means of retrieval. For example, good ideas and ideas with colleagues or to students through the exchange of "brainstorming" method to get people to talk about and so on. In addition, such as information obtained can also use a wide variety of relationships, for example, U.S. scientists showed that: a package handed from one person to another random person hands where up to only six individuals, which is often lamented "This is really a small world" reasons.

Attachment: commonly used search engines


Search Engine:, a provider of products and services information web site, a new mailing list search engine, a magazine and articles on search engine, SAN FRANCISCO it search engine, to provide information technology professional information

Intelligent Search Engine:
A money search (,
Network Code (

Multimedia and image search:

Featured Site Search:, a trades experts in search engine, reference information, search engine

Search engine search engine:, it collected around the world search engine, directory, alphabetical by country., the world's largest search engine directory, Search Engine Guide

Integrated search engine:
(SSearch Spanie)
(Inference Find)
(Internet Sleuth)
(Super Seek)
(Ask Jeeves)
(IBM infomarket Service) http / /

Preference for professional search engine:
As the Internet search engine and can not cover all Internet sites, and different search engines have different emphases, so many search engines can select the appropriate professional search engine queries.

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