Thursday, September 16, 2010

Salesforce executives leaving three hundred will continue to recruit

According to foreign media reports, in the past week, three executives from the SAAS (software as a service) provider leave. The incident took place in this year's technology companies are facing spending cuts of the international business.

It is understood that the resignation of senior executives including President and Chief Strategy Officer 鍙茶拏澶崱甯冪憺 (Steve Cakebread), executive vice president of sales Jialihanna (Gary Hanna) and another senior vice president. reasons for the departure of three executives did not explain, for a time, the industry raised a number of rumors and speculation. In midday trading, shares down more than 7%, while at the same time, as technology stocks in the Nasdaq composite index index rose more than 2%.

Salesforce in China's embarrassment and frustration

The world is in the 10 years the most serious economic crisis of today, even though China has also been very difficult to influence, but the overall economy still maintained rapid growth, affect the world economy. How to open the Chinese market, for all enterprises from the "winter" is essential. Although difficult and Salesforce also Chinese, investment in Baidu PPC, trying to adapt to the Chinese mainland users, but in the face of China's thinking on business users of services lagged behind the price for the global uniform pricing, the price expensive for Chinese enterprises, but also there is no branch in the Chinese setting, the server did not even place in China, its Chinese domain name has been registered by, we can not understand the Chinese market Salesforce emphasis on careful analysis of the Salesforce in the Chinese market behavior, not difficult to see in China market of embarrassment and helplessness!

ZOHO operating strategy in China

As we all know, the world's largest online software business has been popular in Europe and the United States ZOHO, the CRM is a powerful and lower prices, eroding the Salesforce's CRM market at the same time, ZOHO face of the attitude of the Chinese market is completely different, with the largest Software On-line digital distribution service Star-depth cooperation, for the Chinese market to build the largest online platform Baihui (, Baihui is located in Silicon Valley, its servers, technical staff, consulting services, after-sales service for local Deng Jun of deployment of hundreds of millions of computer users in China to provide convenient, fast, reliable, high-quality one-stop online application services. From the perspective of China's emphasis hundred opportunities legislation has already accounted for, based on the good momentum of development in China, to China to provide better products and services, has been recruiting, increase server and other measures.

Currently, the functionality, applications, services, point of view, Baihui CRM and Salesforce is the most suitable for small and medium enterprises, but in China, Salesforce most lacking in services, Baihui CRM is localized service operators. In this fast fish eat slow fish of the Internet era, we have reason to believe that a hundred Council is to create a new chapter in online CRM.


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